Misja Buddenberg is a Dutch artist whose work spans across many mediums. She makes work in the field of illustration, fine art, photography and the fusion of these. She enjoys changing it up and approaching different topics in her work.

Misja gets inspired by the complexities of what we go through in life, for example mental illness, body image and sexism. But she also enjoys getting inspired by the things she does in her personal life and the people that surround it. For example she has started exploring Longboarding and the skate world she finds herself in through her work. 



- Current Education:  Illustration Design, HBO Bachelor Degree, ArtEZ  University of the Arts, Zwolle, The Netherlands

- Graduated: Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Art & Design, MBO Niveau 4, The Netherlands



- Longboard Girls Crew Ambassador of The Netherlands

- Photographer volunteer at So You Can Longboard Dance? 2021